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Deluxe and Delightful - Miami
Various - see details
06/03/2014 - 12/03/2014
Miami beach art deco. Photograph by Michael Hansen.
The Exotic Architecture of Miami Beach 1920-1970

DELUXE AND DELIGHTFUL (or 'too much is never enough')

6th March 2014 -12th March 2014

' float in my new pool. deluxe and delightful...' Bryan Ferry 1973

The society's trip to the sub-tropical climes of Miami Beach will be a tribute to South Florida's 'Architecture of Joy'.

Not only will we be staying in a 'deluxe and delightful' hotel in the heart of the celebrated Art Deco district of South Beach where Biba's Barbara Hulanicki has a hotel and the late Versace had a mansion, but we will be focussing on the MiMo (Miami Modern) districts further up the coast of North Miami Beach, North Shore and Normandy Isles.

In all these areas there are preservation societies protecting the work of architects such as Morris Lapidus, Roy France, Norman Giller and others. Hotels and apartment blocks built between the late 40s and the mid 70s such as the Fontainebleau. Eden Roc, Deauville and Carillon will be included, with visits inside some of the extravagant lobbies and cocktail bars.

These are all buildings of exaggerated features such as perforated concrete screens, futuristic pylons, projecting fins and stucco facades...

'Too much is never enough' was Morris Lapidus's maxim. This is a celebration of American aspirational society at it's gas-guzzling zenith!

We will be using a coach for part of this tour to cross the bridges to visit the Coral Gables district, to see the Mediterranean Revival buildings of the 1920s, to include the exotic Venetian Pool and the famous Biltmore Hotel. We will then be driving up Biscayne Boulevard to see the more corporate MiMo and to bring things up to date, there'll be a a chance to see the new developing area of the Design District

Back in South Beach there'll be a chance to see the Wolfsonian Institute with it's quirky and fascinating permanent collection of mid-century design and ever changing current exhibitions. There is also the Bass Museum of Art to see at leisure. Other highlights will be possible visits to apartments and exclusive entry to various buildings.

Lastly, there'll also be plenty of time to enjoy the warm Florida sunshine and sample the nightlife. South Beach is known for it's huge variety of restaurants, catering in 'world fusion cuisine'. Everything is in easy walking distance from our hotel.

The Shore Club

1901 Collins Avenue, South Beach, Miami Beach, FL 33139, is looking forward to hosting us, and it should be a highlight in the 2014 calendar!

The cost is £2,750 per couple and £2,075 for solo travellers. This does not include flights or meals. To make a booking, please contact the office directly on 020 7250 3857.

About the tour leader:

RICHARD WALKER is a visual artist, specialising in painting and printmaking and also makes music. Having studied in London (Camberwell and Chelsea art schools in the 70s) he has exhibited regularly and internationally, mainly in the UK and Germany. Richard's work uses many architectural references and can be seen in the society's magazine (2/2013) where there is a feature article and an image on the cover.

Richard has led many trips for the society including 2 Span days, a trip to Shoreham on Sea, a walk around contemporary London art galleries and a visit to Dorset to see the little known work of Robin Noscoe. He has visited Miami many times, and this new venture furthers his interest in mid-century modernism through the eyes of an artist.

Website photograph courtesy Michael Hansen.

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