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A style guide to Twentieth Century Architecture Returns - Modernism in the 1930's and Brutalism
The Gallery, 70 Cowcross St
01/06/2017 - 01/06/2017

A style guide to Twentieth Century Architecture Returns -Modernism in the 1930's and Brutalism 

Thursday 1st June 2017

Doors open 6.15pm for drinks and a browse of our publications. Lectures start at 6.30pm

Following our sell out Lecture Series earlier in the year and the demand for tickets we have persuaded our speakers to come back for a rerun. This time around we will be having two speakers each evening and have asked them to cut their talks down to approximately 25 minutes each. As we will be having lighter evenings they may of course extend beyond that!

Understanding architecture since 1914 involves understanding the meaning of labels and their underlying meaning. While these are widely used, they represent a mixture of forgotten intentions, opportunistic adoptions, post-rationalisations and misapplications.

Six speakers will unpack the identity of six styles that have dominated the period and clear away some of the fog.

Modernism in the 1930s

Alan Powers

Modernism was meant to be more than a style – in fact the end of styles as we know them. It was a mission and a vision, rooted in formulae but reaching for eternity. Was it destined to become a set of design clichés, like any other style, or did it achieve liberation?


Barnabas Calder

The hot word of the blogosphere, Brutalism is a term of approval and abuse, whose meaning has changed since the word first gained currency in the early 1950s. Barnabas Calder, author of Raw Concrete: The Beauty of Brutalism brings us up to speed.

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